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Kids Martial Arts

At Tiger-Rock your child will grow their confidence and build essential life skills that will aid them through their schooling. Here they will develop their discipline, character, and strength to better overcome challenges in their lives.

Kids martial arts lessons in The Woodlands & Spring

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in The Woodlands imparts crucial life skills, including personal responsibility, concentration, and problem-solving, within a welcoming and high-energy environment. Through martial arts, your child can boost their confidence while mastering kicking, striking, and grappling techniques. Our Katy academies offer three specialized programs for students aged 4-15:

  • Building Character: Tiger-Rock’s mission is to nurture your child’s growth both on and off the mat through martial arts. Our lessons foster self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect for authority.
  • Building Strength: Our martial arts classes for kids and teens in Katy encompass striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, form exercises, and core-strengthening routines.
  • Building Skills: We provide valuable life skills education, anti-bullying awareness, and self-defense training to empower kids to protect themselves and navigate the world confidently.

Get Started

Tiger-Cub Classes (4 and 5-year-olds)

  • Early childhood development program
  • Fun & exciting 30 minute lessons
  • Tiger-Cubs learn basic taekwondo forms, kicks, and strikes
  • Improve attention span, develop coordination, and build motor skills
  • Will help lay a foundation of self-discipline for your child

Juniors (6-11 years old)

  • Children in this program learn basic martial arts forms
  • Drills include kicking, striking, sparring (green belt & above) and agility
  • 40-45 minute lessons scheduled after school
  • A great way for your child stay active and healthy
  • Social skills development
  • Self-defense against bullies and strangers
  • Build confidence and improve discipline

Teens (12-15 years old)

  • Structured 40-45 minute lessons
  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense
  • Drills that will help build stamina, strength, flexibility, fitness, and athleticism
  • Teens will improve their self-esteem, leadership skills, social skills, and mental health
  • Set healthy, positive goals that will contribute to a constructive self-image

Skills & education

Tiger-Rock’s programs for kids nurture life skills through engaging and challenging martial arts instruction. In just a few weeks of training, your child will be:

  • Cultivating a positive self-concept, fostering improved self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect.
  • Enhancing situational awareness, particularly in their ability to detect and respond to potential threats.
  • Gaining valuable tools for success that will positively impact their academic and athletic endeavors.

Fitness & development

Your energetic child thrives in our kids martial arts academy, where they can effectively channel their boundless energy. A typical Tiger-Rock martial arts class is dynamic and active – no one remains on the sidelines! Our classes feature:

  • Enhanced attention span and heightened awareness for younger kids.
  • Improved agility and coordination for older children.
  • Strength, conditioning, and cardiovascular fitness for adolescents and teenagers.

Family & Community

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts proudly presents two family-friendly, community-driven martial arts academies in the Woodlands & Spring area. When your child joins one of our academies, they become an essential part of a community deeply committed to their success. It transcends mere belt ranks, medals, and trophies; it’s about nurturing their personal growth.

Our academies offer:

  • A structured setting for our children and teenagers.
  • A supportive community for parents.
  • An engaging and inclusive environment that welcomes and embraces families.